Filled PF Form 31 Declaration | How To Fill PF Form 31 Declaration Form

Whenever an EPF member wants to withdraw PF advance for purposes of dwelling site, house, flat or reconstruction of the dwelling house or for the addition or alteration of the dwelling house. In general, employees need to submit PF form 31 for partial withdrawal of PF amount. Recently employee provident fund organization has introduced new EPF composite claim forms like aadhaar and non aadhaar to withdraw the advance amount from PF. But still, EPFO is accepting old PF form 31 claim forms for PF advance withdrawal. Here you can find how to fill PF form 31 declaration form and you can also find sample filled PF form 31 declaration form.

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How To Fill PF Form 31 Declaration Form | Filled PF Form 31 Declaration

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Filled PF Form 31 Declaration | How To Fill PF Form 31 Declaration Form

PF form 31 declaration form is a separate form which you need to submit along with PF form 31. This form has to be submitted especially for the housing purpose. It is a single page form consists 7 fields. Here are the instructions to fill PF form 3 declaration:

Field 1:  Here write the name of the EPF member

Field 2: Here mention your PF account number.

Field 3: Here write the address where you are constructing your house. In case you are purchasing a house then mention the name of the person form whom you are purchasing it and also survey numbers, boundaries, and areas of the site.

Field 4: Here write the name of the authority which has approved your site and also mention the reference number and date.

Field 5:  Here write estimated cost of construction

Field 6: If you have already taken any previous PF advance amount then mention those details otherwise just leave this field blank.

Field 7: Here mention license number issued by your local authority to construct the house.

Finally, mention the names on whose name the construction is going on and sign the form.

Do share your doubts on how to fill PF form 31 declaration form or filled PF form 31 declaration.

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3 thoughts on “Filled PF Form 31 Declaration | How To Fill PF Form 31 Declaration Form

  • February 7, 2018 at 8:08 am


    I have submitted an Online claim on 29 January 2018.
    It shows claim settled when i looked at status on the portal and I also received below SMS on 01 Feb 2018.

    “Your Online claim has been Settled for Rs. XXXXXX/- and sent to your bank A/c ending with 3559 on 01-02-18”

    However, I have not received the amount in my account ending in “5595” as on today 7-Feb. Not sure what is the delay or it went to wrong account as I see in the SMS that shows account ending in “3559”, which is not my account ending number. I have it correctly in the portal since inception and even when submitting the claim.

    • February 7, 2018 at 6:05 pm

      @ Sudheer,
      Don’t worry, it will be a technical problem from EPF side, there are so many members are getting the same problem. Wait for next Two days still if you don’t get your PF amount then visit your regional EPF office and check to which account they have sent your PF amount.

      • February 8, 2018 at 3:01 am

        Thank you..
        When I try to contact the EPF office thru phone or email – i don’t get any response.. That’s always troubling.. If we need to go physically and check – you know the pain..


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