EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process But PF Not Credited

When your EPF claim status shows payment under process than 90% of your claim will get settled within 2 to 3days. At present majority of the EPF claims are getting settle in 10 to 20 days. Some cases are taking maximum 30days for PF claim settlement from the date of submission of PF claim forms to EPFO office. But there are some EPF members telling that we haven’t received our EPF amount but our EPF claim status is showing payment under process.

EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process But Money Not Credited:

EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

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At present EPFO is making all claim settlements through NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer), earlier EPFO used to do cheque payment, at that time we got the following message when our claim was settled:

“PF settlement claim id approved for payment through cheque. payment under process”

Now EPFO is doing claim settlements through NEFT so we will get the following message once EPFO sends your money to your bank account:

Claim Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-GRVSP15110000XXXX8 Member id-GRVSP006XXX40000000456 has been settled. Payment sent on- 21-NOV-17 via NEFT.

The same message you will get for Form 19 also. Both the PF amount and pension amounts will be credited to your bank account within 2-3 hours gap. In general, the maximum time for NEFT payment is 1 to 24 hours, But in EPFO case it is taking more than 2-3 days.

So when you find the above message then you will get your PF amount within 2-3 days, If is there any bank holidays then this time will extend.

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So whenever your EPF claim status shows payment under process i.e your claim was in process, once EPFO sends money to your bank account then you will get a message that claims settled, money sent to your bank account through NEFT.

But there are some rare cases where EPF members are not getting the money due to wrong bank account details which they have provided to EPFO during the claim process. In this case, they have to submit a PF reauthorization letter with correct bank account details to EPFO. After submission of EPF reauthorization letter within 10-15 days, they will receive their PF amount.

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